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This is America

This year 2020 will undoubtedly mark our minds forever. From east to west, our two favorites superpowers - the United States and China - offer us an unprecedented spectacle... Racism and the Pandemic as a collective awakening.

Alidor & Associés therefore returns to these riots which call into question our lifestyle and the privileges dear to some.

As you probably know, many riots first broke out in the United States following the death of Georges Floyd end of May 2020. This black American arrested by police officers of all colors of course, but murdered under the weight of the knee of a white policeman filled with compassion and murderous tenderness for his victim. What could be more common in the United States…

Or how to go from Obama to Trump... from warm to prehistoric cold...

Then for climbing,
                       the gear,
                                            the torment of the black soul that finally ignites in the summer of 2020.

And the knee of the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, on the ground in solidarity with the protesters and the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter.

The statues are also dying, symbols of colonial history and the enslavement past of the greatest nations, attacked, unbolted from their bases. Cloistered like the Churchill Statue in London in a bunker - to protect these statues that you cannot see.

So, how to free up the floor on a subject as sensitive as this one because let's be clear. So much is not worth saying. And so many people are not worth telling other things. That was a lot of silence, said Henry de Montherlant.

This same silence which seems much more violent than the speaking itself.

A story that seems to repeat itself for the black community in the light of recent years when their greatest leaders were subdued as Martin Luther King Jr, Patrice Lumumba, or Nelson Mandela imprisoned not less than 25 years. And we won't even talk about the 35th President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy slayer of secret societies and their privileged world whose name we will not mention here, lest they come to haunt our nights... Without models or benchmarks to rely on, underrepresented in the media. Poorly represented in the food industry like these two famous big brands – Uncle Ben’s & Aunt Jemina – who would have had to wait over 100 years of use to finally be redesigned. To possibly try to drive out of the collective unconscious this colonial and post-slavery perception fed by food.

Likewise, the black community also has a lot of work to do on itself. One of the first steps would be to break free from the eyes of the ruling class by organizing like the Jewish communities, or Chinese for example, in order to finally take control of their destiny. Combat the demons of the past by actively participating in the evolution of mentalities through voting among others. A new class of black leaders should quickly emerge from all this cacophony. It goes without saying that in a context where civil war is near in the countries where racism is most flagrant. These new kinds of "laughs" exacerbate tensions and create, as one would expect, an upsurge of racial assaults and murders.

But isn't life made of black, white, yellow, green like a spectrum of color on a pantone chart... ?!

Yes of course…