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Towards a digital world

COVID-19 has the merit, beyond decimating the Baby Boomer population, of disrupting our ways of living, working, communicating, consuming and having fun. Alidor & Associés take a time to look around for some few new apps that can give you a different perspective on working from home, education and entertainment.

It goes without saying that many workers are now struggling with working at home without finding efficient tools for working from home.

Indeed, this type of tool often lacks flexibility and fluidity. The best known as Slack and Asana sometimes lack heat, and still argue a certain rigidity in their use. Of course, Google Hangouts have the video tool, which is useful for directly contacting our Gmail contacts.

Similar features are also found on WhatsApp. This free application, bought by Facebook, has opened communication with the whole world in a fluid way. Exit the expensive international packages at the end, although our good old Skype always remains an ally you can count on.

There also seem to be several well-known solutions for remote meetings. The application Zoom precisely limits these to a duration of 40 min and offers services such as instant messaging, conference rooms, meetings, telephone, webinars, etc. For large meetings, you can use ezTalks, a tool that allows you to conduct video conferences with up to 100 people. The free version also offers you video meeting options with audio recording.

Obviously, there are also educational support for parents, new teachers at home. Inspired by curiosity, The Wonder kits are STEM-based activities that ignite a love of learning with only 10 minutes of prep time. Wonder Kits contain all the materials needed to run a hands-on, engaging activity for up to 25 students. 30 creative activities for kids is a calendar for the month of activities proposed by Apple for children from 9 to 12 years old. A modern calendar that will solicit the spirit of your preteens aware of new technologies and other applications dear to the generation of millennials. He can practice doing an interview like a journalist or even create a comic strip. To discover without waiting.

And how to miss the new mobile video sharing application TikTok which caused a sensation with teenagers and teenagers who ignore each other. It allows you to have fun during confinement and to challenge strangers in dances, hoaxes, witticisms and other filmed karaokes.
Nevertheless, some reservations are expressed on the security of this new popular application. We therefore advise you and your teens to register with an email rather than giving your phone number until the flaw is corrected.

Here, now what to understand the world differently - Good exploration !