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Graphic design agency combining excellence with elegance

Who are we ?

You are looking for a graphic design agency that offers performance, efficiency and unparalleled listening ? Alidor & Associés has the skills you are looking for. Our team of graphic designers is there to support you in all your visual projects !

Whether you need to conceptualize a brand image, computer graphics skills or even marketing, we offer a variety of services for small and medium businesses. Want to learn more ? This is what you need to know about Alidor & Associés.

Branding % 90
Graphic design % 95
computer graphics expert %95
Marketing % 90
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Good ideas
Arabelle Alidor

Hello & Welcome !

I allow the fusion of human and material resources to best carry a project.

Arabelle Alidor
Alchemist Graphic designer
Edouard Deschênes

What's up !

I dynamite ideas to find valuable graphic solutions.

Édouard Deschênes
Gold vein explorer
Manoëlle Alidor

Nice to meet you !

Thanks to warm communication, I extract the nuggets of the success of a project.

Manoëlle Alidor
Relational gold extractor

Hello world !

I use my faculty of management to sublimate our creative jewelry to the maximum.

Nhoé Dominique
Marketing machinery operator

What our clients say ?

Work with Alidor & Associés is a real pleasure. The agency quickly understands our needs. She is creative and does not hesitate to offer solutions with versatility, and remarkable kindness !

Amélie Dionne, Èvènements Vip


A Montreal graphic agency, with Caribbean inspirations

Alidor & Associés was born from a meeting and a friendship between young Guadeloupe and Montreal professionals passionate about the same ideals : the search for graphic gold. Dynamic, talented, inspired and inspiring, we want to use our skills to support SMEs in their graphic needs.

Rich with varied professional experiences and eager for creation, we are in constant search for excellence, to offer our customers original end products and in their image. It is in this spirit that we have created our own graphic design agency.

Mission : Transform your ideas into graphic jewels

Our agency's mission is to translate your ideas into brilliant images of richness and aesthetics. Thanks to our experience, our communication tools and our taste for art, we will constantly seek to improve ourselves to go to the heart of creation and to extract visual diamonds !

As graphic designers, we want above all to satisfy your requirements by offering you high quality products. In addition, we want to support you in your growth by establishing a marketing strategy, personalized advice. According to your needs, whether for :
  • Branding,
  • Website,
  • Edition,
  • Packaging.

Vision : conquer the gold mines of graphics

Our vision is simple, innovate the world of Montreal graphics by implanting a singular and innovative touch. Our graphic design agency is proud to combine determination, bottomless imagination and a taste for beautiful things.

Follow our latest achievements and consult our portfolio, you will find our graphic brand, imprint of exotic influences, a unusual character and unique colors.

Values of our graphic design agency

We are committed to offering our customers the highest quality, original and aesthetic products, while maintaining cordial, friendly, efficient communication that is always attentive to your needs.

It is in good humor, empathy and in a spirit of partnership that we envision the relationship with our customers and that we undertake our projects. We consider you as partners. Your business goals matter to us, and we want to support you best, in teamwork, to help you achieve your goals.

Quality and respect for graphic standards
We make it a point of honor to offer you the highest quality work and work hard to achieve Our goals. Thoroughness and attention to detail are an intrinsic quality to each member of our team. In addition, we are committed to respecting the graphic standards of your business and respecting your visual identity.

However, it is with humility and flexibility that we begin our work. Your desires and your vision are important, and we are committed to respecting them.

Dynamism and modernity
We love challenges, stimulate our creativity and innovate the world of graphics. Thanks to our cultural mix with multiple influences, we are proud to consolidate a determined, cheerful and playful team. Just look at our achievements, you will find there a strong character that fits into each of our projects !

Ready to embark on your next graphic adventure with us ? We will be happy to transform your visuals into real graphic gems ! For more information, do not hesitate to contact us or to consult our services.