The services offered by our graphic designers in Montreal

Tailor-made services
tailored to your needs

You are looking for graphic design services in the Montreal region ? You need advice, ideas and suggestions for your visual projects ? Our agency is made up of an outstanding team of graphic designers in Montreal, who are there to support you !

By choosing to collaborate with Alidor & Associés you benefit from an array of graphic design services that guarantee the highest quality products and promise valuable results that reflect your image. To learn more about our offers, here are the different services you can benefit from by working with us.


Any idea, company or project that is created with a single essence. To represent it properly, it must be illustrated with an image that reflects its identity. As graphic alchemists, it is our job to translate your corporate identity into brand image, faithful and original.
According to your ideas or visions, our graphic designers in Montreal are able to imagine, in collaboration with you, the image that will best embody the visual identity of your business or brand. Tell us about your projects, we will guide you to find a logo or brand image that best suits you !


Any business must be present online, and your website is a window to your identity. To improve the user experience and your potential customers or collaborators, our team is at your disposal to imagine the graphic structure of your site. Whether for a creation or a redesign of the site, our graphic designers in Montreal have a keen eye and fine expertise to help you design the visual aspect of your pages.
We take care of : propose a unique graphic design for all the pages of your site, imagine colors, shapes, animations, calligraphy... which precisely illustrate your business and speak to your users.

Graphic design

Graphic design includes all forms of visual expression and communication techniques mixing text or images on various media.
Our graphic design services allow you to highlight the messages you want to convey to your customers. Or collaborators, in order to illustrate them and bring them an artistic and creative touch.
Our graphic designers in Montreal will bring you their skills to give life to your visuals and bring them a unique and brilliant touch of spirit !

computer graphics

Specific to the digital sector, the computer graphics brings together a set of visual techniques and graphic design in computer science. From the creation of images for a website to the creation of 2D animations, we offer you our computer graphics services to give a soul to your projects. By choosing our computer graphics services, you can benefit from :
  • Drawing, creation and conceptualization of digital images and visuals,
  • Layout, image or video editing,
  • Use of specific tools and techniques for producing your visuals,
  • 2D or 3D animations.


Finally, our graphic designers in Montreal can assist you with your marketing needs. Take advantage of our knowledge of the digital market to get the best advice and information on the subject. Our marketing team uses its commercial skills to support you on any question of :
  • Advertising strategy (design and graphics),
  • E-commerce,
  • Web development strategy,
  • Digital advertising.


In addition to all these skills, we offer computer graphics support related to computer hardware, software and all other technology-related problems. It can be updates, integration and / or optimization of graphic material (social networks, websites, presentation materials, etc.).

Work process

Our graphic design agency works in three stages with our clients. In order for a project to meet your expectations, we offer the following work process :

1. Contact
When you use our services, we first make it a point of honor that we get to know each other. The better we understand each other, the more precise and fair our work will be.
2. Application
Once your project is imagined and conceptualized, we get to work ! Within predefined deadlines and according to your needs, we put our skills and brains in fusion to give birth to your visuals.
3. Product delivery
Once our work is finished, we send it to you and stay in an open and welcoming communication so that it can become a precious masterpiece and in your image.