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Towards a digital world

2020 is the year that will remain etched in the collective unconscious as the year that will have put capitalist systems worldwide to the test by an unprecedented health crisis.


This is America

This year 2020 will undoubtedly mark our minds forever. From east to west, our two favorites superpowers - the United States and China - offer us an unprecedented spectacle... Racism and the Pandemic as a collective awakening.


For the love of the grid

In the world of graphics, many wonders what makes the difference between high-level graphics and the more self-taught graphics that create by instinct. We can probably admit that it is just...for the love of a grid !


Design trends 2021

Have you noticed the new trends in graphic design for this new year 2021 ? It's a tour de force in itself to assert without turning around that a trend starts exactly where a new year begins.